Last week, Xtreme attended and sponsored the fifth annual CougsFirst! trade show and after party and we couldn’t have had a better time!


If you attended WSU for your college years, then you know. If you have visited the campus, you're a proud parent to a Coug student, or you're just a friend of a Coug, then you also know. The school pride of WSU students and alumni is lively and intense! Being a student from Arizona State University, I have my own pride for the Sun Devils. However, when one of the first people I met at CougsFirst! looked at me and said, "Tonight, when asked if you're a Coug... you say yes!" I went with it! If there is one thing I learned, It's this: the camaraderie that surrounds the students and alumni at WSU evokes an incredibly strong bond. Cougs, new and old, enjoy connecting, sharing stories, and supporting each other;s businesses.

For those unfamiliar with the CougsFirst! trade show, it is an annual event held for over 2,000 Washington State University alumni and friends to reconnect and network. The 150 businesses that sponsored CougsFirst! are all either Cougar -owned, -managed, or - affiliated businesses showcasing their work and products. Xtreme's booth was near businesses like Vitamin T, Flatstick Pub, Genius Ghost, and Beecher's Handmade Cheese. We were in good company alongside so many great businesses!

As a fun booth activity, we tested the crowds' WSU knowledge with a few trivia questions. We had over 70 guests submit their answers, and by the end of the event only one lucky winner answered all three questions correctly! He took home our Cougar Prize Basket filled with tailgating goodies. How's your WSU trivia IQ? Test your knowledge! Answers posted at the end of this blog.

1. What is Butch's middle name?


2. How many touchdowns did the Cougs score during their entire football season in 1997?


3. Can you name the WSU Alumni that is the CEO of Xtreme?


Overall, we are proud to have sponsored all five of the past CougsFirst! events and to have witnessed the event's growth and success - doubling attendance year-over-year! If you have yet to attend the CougsFirst! trade show, we highly recommend you join us next year. It's always a good time when Cougs are involved!

For a full list of the CougsFirst! business sponsors, follow this link.

Trivia Answers:

1. T.

2. 63

3. Greg Rankich



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