If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Or is it? To some people, recruiting remains a mystery that fosters skepticism and uncertainty.  The reality, however, is that recruiting is much more straightforward than what might meet the eye.

With the creation of professional networking sites, such as LinkedIn, and online job boards, for example Monster and Career Builder, anyone can easily view your credentials, whether you’re currently employed or considering a new opportunity.  This level of availability has been revolutionary for employers in terms of access to vast candidate pools, and is also a great opportunity to put your credentials on display.  The issue with this increased availability is that hiring managers don’t have time to weed through thousands of resumes, and candidates have a harder and harder time getting noticed among their peers.  This is where recruiters step in.

Recruiters are intermediaries.  Facilitators.  Matchmakers.
Employers want to save time and money when finding the perfect fit for their company, and Recruiters set out to find the candidate with the appropriate passion, personality, and experience for those specific roles.  A satisfied employer then compensates the Recruiter’s company for their help.  Meanwhile, you, the ideal candidate, are happily employed at a job you may have never known existed were it not for the Recruiter’s assistance.

We believe that transparency is the best policy.
In the end, candidates, employers and recruiters all have the same goal: to find the perfect position, employee, and match.

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