Many organizations see the value Hyper-V can bring to their environment. Moving workloads from VMware environment to Hyper-V has been a major obstacle to realizing that value. We are thrilled to announce Xtreme VM Migrator. Xtreme VM Migrator moves workloads from VMWare to Hyper-V with minimal effort and limited downtime.

Xtreme has a long history of developing automation and migration solutions in conjunction with Microsoft. Xtreme VM Migrator leverages this experience and a wealth of Hyper-V knowledge developed hosting significant events, such as the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) on the topic of large Hyper-V clusters.

As we began to design this solution, we thought a VM migration tool should include the following:

1. Discovery of the existing virtual machines in VMware

2. A VM conversion tracking mechanism

3. Reduced virtual machine downtime during conversion

4. An extensible platform that can be fully automated and scheduled

5. A platform built on top of core Microsoft virtualization technology such as Hyper-V and System Center

6. Microsoft supported mechanisms to perform migrations

7. Low cost

Xtreme VM Migrator meets all of these goals. Xtreme VM Migrator can discover all of the virtual machines in your VMware environment, thus facilitating Hyper-V workload planning. You can track the conversions through a database and manage the number of virtual machines you want to convert. Our migration process lets you move the running virtual machine to Windows storage and perform the conversion on Windows storage, greatly reducing virtual machine downtime. Our product includes a System Center Orchestrator Integration Pack and sample Orchestrator Runbooks and Runbook Actions. Administrators can scheduled deployments and user VM Migrator Runbook action to integrate with other systems. Xtreme VM Migrator uses Microsoft's tools to provide a supported migration from VMware. The migration engine leverages the VM migration capabilities of System Center Virtual Machine Manager.

Xtreme VM Migrator offers more than can fit in a single blog post. Watch for further posts in coming weeks for additional product details.

We look forward to telling you more about our product. Contact us at for additional information and product demonstration.

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