As a Silver Sponsor of GeekWire Summit 2015, we had front-row seats to the two-day premier technology conference in the Pacific Northwest. Now in its fourth year, the GeekWire Summit featured top executives, entrepreneurs, experts, and more than 800 attendees in Downtown Seattle last week.

We enjoy sponsoring GeekWire events because they are a great showcase of all the innovative talent the PNW has to offer. Here is the breakdown of our top 4 favorite sessions from the Summit:

Nike COO Eric Sprunk:

+ When discussing Nike's future in tech, Sprunk noted, "No matter the device the consumer wears, Nike wants to own the ecosystem and build better experience for them."

+ Sprunk spoke highly of the tech talent flowing out of the University of Washington and dropped a big hint towards a future Nike engineering center in Seattle.

+ Sprunk also made insightful remarks about work-life balance and culture, “At Nike, we don’t tell you that you are going to be the boss of a group. We tell you that you are going to be the manager of a team, or the coach of a team, and your job is to get everything out of every member of that team."

+ Memorable Quote: “Leaders create an environment where everyone feels they can show up and do their best.”

Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff:

+ Zillow was recently recognized by Seattle Business Mag for being the #1 Best Large Company to Work For in Seattle.

+ Rascoff spoke about creating softer, more collaborative and embracing workplace culture, something that differentiates his company from others in the tech industry.

+ When asked what four words he would use to describe the current culture at Zillow, Rascoff replied, "Team-oriented, transparent, nimble, and respect."

+ Memorable Quote: “Always hire better than yourself. You should want those reporting to you, to outshine you.”

U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell:

+ One of the country’s most “tech-savvy” senators spoke on why there should be more women in the tech industry.

+ Cantwell has consistently supported boosting higher education to prepare the next generation of high-tech workers for careers in science, technology, math, aerospace, and engineering.

+ Cantwell spoke about her own high-school experience where she was required to take a typing class and a Latin class, which both helped in her future careers in the tech industry.

+ Memorable Quote: “I think we should require one year of programming in high school. We must have a vibrant workforce.”

Kids Tech Panel:

+ GeekWire’s 2015 class of “Future Innovators” – this was a interesting and entertaining panel that had some strong opinions and advice for today’s tech world and the future.

+ GeekWire assembled a group of 5-10 year olds who talked gadgets, games, space, and education.

+ Rebecca Yeung – the 10-year-old Seattle girl who launched a balloon to the edge of outer space with her younger sister - was asked what she learned during her first spacecraft mission.

+ Memorable Quote: “The main lesson that we learned was: Don’t speculate, rely on data.”

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