I have conducted a lot of interviews in the 10+ years Xtreme has been in business. Internal hires, consultant hires for clients, and direct placement candidates. Unless someone really blows the interview, I tend to look for the positives; the little nuggets of hope that the person sitting across the table from me has the potential, skills and attributes we are looking for.

Through conducting hundreds of interviews and hearing stories, I wanted to provide my top 10 tips for job seekers or career changes. While my list is not complete, it’s a good start if you looking for a new job or career.

1. Don’t provide a reference unless they love your work!
You don’t want a reference that will only be lukewarm about your performance or you as a person. Make sure the person providing a reference will say you walk on water. If they will not, find someone else to use as a reference.

2. Stay positive about past work.
Even if you previous company was the worst experience of your life, try to find a way to say positive things about the company or former boss. If you bash your previous boss or company, I guarantee the person sitting across the table is wondering if it’s them or you.

3. Stay positive about yourself.
Even if you crashed and burned with your previous job or your last 3 ventures, find ways to put a positive spin on the experience and what you learned about yourself as well as how those lessons will help you in the future.

4. Get your resume in order!
Too many candidates think they need to get their resume to fit on one page and therefore use microscopic font size and wide margins. Either use short, precise and positive words or let the resume flow to a second page. Its ok, paper is cheap!

5 - Talk, but don’t talk too much!
I get that you are nervous and excited to talk about what you can bring to the table, but keep it short and to the point. I once asked an interviewee a question and she didn’t stop talking for almost 30 minutes (it seemed without taking a breath). While I ended up hiring her, it was still a bit overwhelming.

Keep your eyes peeled for part 2 of "Hey, Stop Messing Up Your Job Search".

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