The most common and worst mistake job seekers make is spending all their time answering ads or sending their resume to generic contacts, instead of making meaningful connections. We see it all the time at Xtreme. A candidate may apply to 3 completely different (and sometimes unrelated) jobs and each email finds its way into the same inbox. I get that you think you have a wide range of skills, but applying for an event manager role, a finance role, and software developer role at the same time is not the way to get hired. Instead of a shotgun approach, use a sniper approach and really put your best foot forward for the specific position you want.

6. Bemoaning your difficult job search
Even if you’ve been on a long job-search or career change path, try and find a way to make it sound positive, as though you took time off by choice and that you have enjoyed the time because it has allowed you to connect with different people in your network to really zone in on what you want to do for a career. Obviously don’t lie, but try to put a positive spin on it!

7. Saying how much money you want to make
I love to see interviewees’ reaction and body language when I ask what their salary expectations are. Lots of people get anxious about money and don’t feel confident when answering that question. If you are asked about your salary requirement, you can say, “money is important to me but at this point in my career, fit is the primary issue.” Avoid being the first to name a number or if you have to, be confident in your answer because you have researched the role and the market and know what the going rate is. Plenty of online sites will help you determine this number.

8. Being honest about your weaknesses
The main theme of every job interviews should be positive and inspiring, not negative or weaknesses. You can talk about a challenge you overcame, but emphasize your accomplishment rather than the problem that preceded it. Remember, weaknesses may just be an opportunity for you to grow and you look forward to it!

9. Getting impatient with the process
I know you want a job like yesterday, but know that hiring decisions can drag on for weeks or even months. Pestering your contacts or recruiter repeatedly by phone and email will not speed up the process. Just hang in there and good things will come.

10. Spending all your time answering ads and sending out blind résumés
The best jobs are not online, they come from networking and contacts. When working with a firm like Xtreme, you may not be a fit for the role you saw online, but there are always ones that are not posted. So make a great impression with the recruiters because the perfect role may come up 10 minutes after you walk out the door.

Finding a job is a long and hard process, but if you put your best foot forward, stay positive, and network network network you will find what you are looking for and that reward will be worth it. Good luck on your search!

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