When it comes to talent recruitment, contingent workers are becoming increasingly popular. You may also know them as: independent/temporary contractors, freelancers, consultants, seasonal workers, etc. While different employers may have different names for these employees, one thing that is standard across the market is that they are becoming more and more prevalent within today’s economy.

According to a recent SAP Fieldglass report, the size of the contingent workforce continues to grow – accounting for nearly 38 percent of all workers in 2016, up from nearly 35 percent in 2015 and about 29 percent in 2011. “As workers seek more flexibility and employers embrace agility in all facets of their organizations, contingent work will exert more and more influence over companies’ success,” said Arun Srinivasan, senior vice president of strategy and customer operations, SAP Fieldglass.

Xtreme Consulting - Hiring Trends: Contingent Workforce

Xtreme has 10+ years of experience assisting companies, both small and large, recruit and hire contingent workers into their existing business structure. Could your business, department, or team benefit from bringing on contractors? If so, reach out to us at sales@xtremeconsulting.com to get started.

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