It's no secret that the tech industry has one of the most competitive job markets. Finding the top talent for hard-to-fill positions isn't easy, and is something Xtreme continually strives to help our clients with every day. Using research conducted by the job board site Indeed, here is a look at the current demand and competitiveness in the tech job landscape.

Tech Roles - Employer Demand

According to Indeed's data, the top three most in-demand tech roles are Engineering Managers, Front-end Developers, and DevOps. All three of these positions require a great amount of technical skill and, typically, many years of experience.

Tech Roles - Mismatch Severity

The above list shows just how tough these tech roles can be to fill. Starting with Software Architect at #1, these positions received the lowest amount of job seeker interest. This presents an issue for hiring managers when there is such a high demand to fill these roles, but a small talent pool to source from.

In today's highly competitive tech job market, it helps to have a partner like Xtreme to help with those in demand, hard-to-fill roles. Learn more about how Xtreme's staffing services can help you gain a competitive edge in the battle for top tech talent.

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