It’s the moment where all of your hard work has paid off.  After endless evenings of job hunting, networking, and monotonous applications, you finally got an interview.  You’re instantly excited – and the nerves set in.  What do I wear?  How long will it take me to get there?  Who is going to be interviewing me?  What questions will they ask?  Am I even qualified for this?  The Xtreme Recruiters are here to help you nail your interview, whether it’s with one of them or a client of Xtreme.  Below are some great tips and reminders to help you get the job.

1. Know your resume! You should be able to discuss the experience you’ve listed without a second thought.

2. Always ask the person scheduling the interview who you will be meeting with. Knowing this information will not only help you know what to expect, but it will also give you the opportunity to do a little bit of research.

3. Come prepared. Bring a notepad, relevant questions, and a copy of your resume for each interviewer as well as yourself to use as a quick reference.  If it’s a phone interview, have your resume in front of you.

4. Speak with confidence. Make eye contact with your interviewer and speak up.  You were called in for an interview because the hiring manager wants to get to know you, so be sure to let them!

5. Don't rush. Take a few seconds to think about the questions being asked and answer them succinctly and directly.

6. Be aware of your body gestures. Refrain from pounding the table, pointing at your interviewer, or clicking your pen.  This will distract the interviewer from your stellar responses.

7. Avoid saying "I don't know" and leaving it at that. If you don’t know something, simply say, “I don’t have experience with (insert skill), but can quickly learn.”  This is a great opportunity to include an example of a time where you learned quickly or where you used a similar skill to the one they’re looking for.

8. If you can, find out what skill sets the client would "like to have" (sometimes listed as a "plus"). If you have any of those skills, talk about them!  Sometime certain skills might outweigh "required" skills.

9. If you can, offer examples of your work. It’s one thing to say you have certain experience, it’s another to prove it.

10. Find the positives. No matter how awful your current position is, do NOT, under any circumstance talk bad about your current position, company, or manager.  Instead, highlight the positives and what you gained from the experience.

11. Don’t assume you know exactly what the hiring manager is looking for. Be sure to ask clarifying questions and delve deeper into the job responsibilities and work environment. This will show your interviewers you are not only interested in the job but also a critical thinker.

12. Always send a thank you email or note to each person who interviewed you. A great way to remember who’s who is to collect business cards as you go.

13. Most importantly, RELAX!

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