Xtreme is excited to announce our XtremeCares 2016 Volunteer of the Year! Peter Stoll first joined Xtreme as a consultant in May 2013. Outside of his role as a Network Operations consultant, Peter has continually made time in his schedule to volunteer and give back to his community. Through the XtremeCares Volunteer Program, Peter submitted his monthly volunteer hours to earn grants for the non-profit organizations he is passionate about and worked toward being named Xtreme's 2016 Volunteer of the Year.

Over the course of last year, Peter volunteered an amazing total of 599 hours. Peter's dedication led him to be named Xtreme's top volunteer and awarded him an all-expenses paid week-long volunteer mission, anywhere in the world.

We recently caught up with Peter to hear about his passions in the community, and the path that lead him to becoming Xtreme's Volunteer of the Year.

How did you get started with the organizations that you volunteer with?

+ I started volunteering with the Oregon Food Bank back in October of 2010. It was really more of testing the water, rather then what the future had in store for me. To be quite honest, that first volunteering session didn't really real me in, but the hook had been planted and I came back time and time again, on a more consistent basis. And slowly, but surely, I realized that the state I lived in, Oregon, had a serious problem handling people who required food assistance. My once-in-a-while volunteer visits, became regular weekly sessions, at which I bonded with other regular volunteers. Over the same time I also progressed and gained additional knowledge, to become a Team Leader with the Oregon Food Bank, assisting the Shift leader, which is the only Food Bank Employee at evening shifts. This position enabled me to provide information and lead tours of the facility and its operations area to any number of volunteers. Over time, I also branched out into other venues of Food Bank related community work. One of these is the Waterfront Blues Festival, which is Oregon Food Bank’s largest fundraising event of the year. Closely followed by the Food Bank's Harvest Dinner, which is another successful fundraiser. And then there is NALC, the National letter carriers annual food drive, which in 2016 brought in 410,000 lbs of food from all over the Portland Metro area. In each of these areas, I helped by leading groups of volunteers accomplish a pre-set volunteer activity.

Why do you volunteer?

+ Initially, I wanted to broaden my horizon, meet a different circle of people, and simply provide a good deed. However, it became quickly clear that the social aspect of helping out at the Food Bank had transformative qualities that change a person's perspective of life and their viewpoint. Well, at least that's what happened to me, and I am sticking to that.

What has been your favorite volunteer experience to date?

+ I clearly have several, but one sticks out as a very rewarding one. It was the second time I volunteered at Clay Street Table. Having volunteered the day prior at the Oregon Food Bank. I had made a mental list of food items to procure that were needed for this day's communal breakfast. We fixed breakfast, which fed 208 people that morning. It was an amazing experience, and has kept me coming back many times again. I still gather food items every Friday at the Food Bank and deliver them to Clay Street Table, trying to breach my personal 2016 record of 995lbs of food delivered in my vehicle.

Do you have any goals/plans for volunteering in 2017?

+ I will continue to volunteer with the Oregon Food Ban, and Clay Street Table and maybe even add volunteer organization to that list, but that, as they say is currently written in the stars, and I haven't been able to decipher it yet.

What do you enjoy about the XtremeCares Volunteer Program?

+ It is a very nicely thought-out program, that provides people, interested in the topics, to help out wherever their interests might lead them.

Do you have an idea on where you would like to go on your volunteer trip?

+ I have several ideas, however, I will most likely choose Europe as my volunteer destination, volunteer a week in the London area, visit Italy, and my relatives in Germany.

Topics: Community Involvement

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