We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Kelly Yosten, Director of Talent & Business Development of our Dallas office, for a fun, informal Q&A to hear about her position and experience at Xtreme Consulting. Kelly has been with Xtreme for just under two years and leads both sales and talent efforts for our XtremeCreative division.

Kelly Yosten, XtremeCreative, Xtreme Consulting Dallas

How did you end up in a career in consulting? My education and career start was in business marketing. As a Senior Marketing Program Manager for a national firm, I often called on a (creative) staffing firm for freelance contract help for various projects and initiatives – Graphic Designers, Copywriters, marketing coordination help…you name it. I was always intrigued by the concept of Recruiting, specifically within the marketing and creative space, and sought to learn more from the agency rep I worked with. After many insightful conversations – I knew that’s the direction I wanted to take my career in and dove head-first into the wonderful world of staffing & recruiting. 13 years strong, it was the best move of my life.

What attracted you to Xtreme? After spending seven years with a publicly-traded, global staffing & consulting firm, I sought to move to a smaller firm that allowed me more autonomy and freedom in the daily approach to my business - with respect to both recruiting and client development efforts. Xtreme allows individual contributors (while functioning as a team), who understand the business and who are motivated simply by what they do, to ‘just make it happen’. The company invests in each of us the necessary technology and tools critical to do this job in a highly-competitive market, the freedom to make decisions on the better half of our candidates and clients, and rewards us financially in the end. The candidate/client experience is what it’s all about – thanks to Xtreme, I’m able to uphold that service and retain it in the end.

What motivates you, professionally? Being around like-minded professionals whose goals are equal to my own. What we do in this industry is cultivate relationship after relationship. Candidates become clients and clients become candidates. Understanding both parties on a personal and a professional level - what they offer and/or can bring to the table, and paint that picture clearly to your team - is so important. Respecting and trusting each other’s judgment is the gateway to most win-win-win’s.
In your time with Xtreme, what’s been the highlight? The “burning of the corporate suit” in conjunction with breaking all-time career highs. See above answers for the root-reason why!

Okay, a couple fun questions now. If you could have dinner with any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be and why? Martin Gore, songwriter. Aside from Career, music is my biggest passion. Gore is one of the most talented, beautiful songwriters I respect the most. His writing is poetic and takes deep approach and thought to decipher. Ask Chris Martin of Coldplay who inspired him? Martin Gore’s name will be on that list.

What is one movie you can recite every line from? Steel Magnolias: “You are too twisted for color T.V.”

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