Expert level communication skills, ability to build strong relationships, detail oriented and highly organized. You will find these requirements listed on most job descriptions for Recruiters and Sourcers. But what does that mean? And what other skills are important when looking for the right Recruiter or Sourcer for your team?

A recruiter’s ability to build and manage strong relationships with both hiring managers and candidates alike, can shape your business infinitely. It’s important to choose the right Recruiter to support your business based on their reputation, past successes and networking abilities, along with the following skills:

A Successful Recruiter Understands Different Leadership Styles
A recruiter doesn’t just need to have a great relationship with hiring managers, they also need to understand your business and what types of candidates will be a good culture fit, while making an impact to the company. A successful recruiter must be able to step back and see the big picture, and pinpoint how each hire they make will fit into the overall goals the company has. In order to do this, they must be strong at building trust and open communication with hiring managers from the beginning.

A Smart Recruiter Looks Toward the Future
It is common for Recruiters to only focus on the roles they are currently working on, but that doesn’t typically equal success. A successful recruiter is consistently building their network and continuing to grow their pipeline of candidates, in all areas of focus. The best Recruiters build relationships with candidates over time; sometimes the best candidates aren’t available when you need them. In doing this, candidates not only learn about your company and potential openings, but are more inclined to be interested when they are looking again in the future.

The Best Recruiters are Relationship Focused
Most people believe that a recruiter’s job is done once their new hire starts their first day on the job, but a good recruiter knows that the first day is just the beginning. Maintaining communication and cultivating relationships even after the hire is complete is a vital part of a recruiter’s job to ensure both their clients and candidates are happy. Monthly phone calls, email check-ins, and coffee catch ups are all part of a recruiter’s tool belt to keep relationships strong and healthy for years and years.

A Recruiter Has to Understand (And Keep Up With) Technology
Technology, along with tools that Recruiters use to be successful, are constantly changing. Even if you aren’t looking for a Technical Recruiter, it is important for recruiters to have an understanding of the technology landscape. Knowing where to find candidates is just as important as knowing what to look for on their resume. Most candidates are pretty savvy about knowing where to place their resume in order to be found by top employers. Keeping up with the trends in recruiting is imperative to being successful at finding the best candidates.

The Most Successful Recruiters Are Fueled By Finding and Placing The Best Talent
At the end of the day, a recruiter needs to be passionate about what they do. Finding someone that thrives when talking to top talent and matching them with the perfect company, is the ultimate goal. It takes a strong mix of networking, sourcing, cold calling and building relationships, to make those awesome talent matches in the end. The best Recruiters genuinely love working with people and helping them find their dream job. They have a competitive nature that fuels their work, but it’s always in the best interest of both the client and the candidate.

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