Top recruiters know it takes more than just copying and pasting a job description onto a job board to attract and hire your dream team. Taking the time to craft a compelling job description may seem like a burden. But trust us, it will pay off later when you end up with a larger, more qualified pool of candidates interested in your role.

So, where do you start? When crafting a job description for your open role, your one ultimate purpose should be to compel readers to hit the “APPLY ” button. What's the best way to do that? Check out our top four tips for getting candidates to take action and apply:

  1.  Job Title:
    +  Avoid using abbreviations or acronyms.
    +  Use simple and common job titles so that your job is more likely to appear in search results.
    +  Mention the experience level of the role, such as "Senior" or "Entry-level".
    +  If possible, describe the type of work being performed. Working in a specific division or focused on a certain product? Highlight it! Example: Sr. Recruiter - Graphic Design.
    +  Aim to keep your job title between 50-60 characters, or four to five words. (Ads with that quantity tend to outperform others by 30-40%)

  2.  Formatting:
    +  Formatting is key because so many job searches are now conducted on tablets or mobile phones.
    +  Use big, bold, clear and concise subheads to make the job description easy to scan.
    +  When listing out the job qualifications and responsibilities, use bullet points.
    +  There is no right or wrong way to structure your job desription, but here is the order we recommend:
    - Position Overview
    - Position Responsibilities
    - Position Qualifications
    - Company Overview

  3.  Highlight Your Company Culture:
    +  Candidates need to know how a new job will benefit their lives, not just their work.
    +  What sets your company apart from all the other companies currently seeking Java Developers, or any other high-demand position?
    +  Include perks and benefits that are going to make candidates take the next leap and apply: Do you offer health insurance? Stock options? Bonus incentive plans? Childcare assistance? Paid parental leave? Telecommuting? Free parking? Office snacks and coffee?

  4.  Next Steps:
    +  After catching the candidate's attention with your enticing ad, it's important to provide detailed instructions on how to apply for the role.
    +  Make it clear if you would like them to fill out a job application, submit a resume, submit a cover letter, or any combination of those three.
    +  Set a closing date for applicants. Example: "No resumes accepted after Friday, October 20th, 2017."
    +  Always include the contact details in case an applicant has any further questions. (You know there are always more questions!)

We all know today's pace of recruiting can feel like a whirlwind. But, rushing to throw up an outdated, boring job description onto a job board may just end up biting you in the end. Take the time to write a job ad that actually makes candidates WANT to apply for your job and become a part of your unique company. For more help on writing the perfect job ad, or hiring top talent, we recommend reaching out to one of our Xtreme recruiters. They have years of industry and job market knowledge to help you find the right candidates, fast.

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