When you’re standing at the edge of a cliff, how do you know when it’s time to jump? If you’ve been pushed to the edge, you may feel like “well, I should just jump, right?” or you may feel the need to hold on for dear life. Believe it or not, we are not talking about cliff jumping. We are talking about career jumping and a few scenarios in which you need to take the plunge!

1.  You have more to give.

You’ve been in your position for a while now and you don’t feel like you are learning or growing much – but you have the skills and you want those challenges! Before you decide to go, first ask your management for more responsibility and growth opportunities that challenge your skills. Secondly, are there any promotions available/coming up that you would be challenged in? If you have already done this and your management hasn’t acknowledged that you have more to give, then it’s time to make the jump.

2.  Work-life, no balance.

If you constantly feel stressed, unfulfilled, overlooked, the culture is a bad fit and you’re still working your hardest, then you have got to jump! There is a clear difference between a healthy and unhealthy work life, and this isn’t healthy. I understand that if work gets out of hand you may go to a time in your mind when you once loved your job, so you feel the need to stick around for the light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t do that - this kind of stress can affect your physical and mental health and hurt the most important relationships around you. When you feel this way, you have got to jump! And do it blissfully, because you’re going to find a company that appreciates your work and your life.

3.  You flat out don’t agree with the company, your management, or the culture.

Plain and simple, the company isn’t what you thought it would be or they have altered the structure in a way that places you in a position where you just don’t believe in them anymore. How are you supposed to work for a company that you do not believe in? At this point you lack passion, so what is driving and motivating your work? Don’t be fooled by your pay, your happiness is just as important and your work should feel meaningful at any level. Whether it’s the company’s outlook that has changed, or your moral and ethical beliefs are being unfairly compromised – jump!

If you feel like it is time to move on from your current company and make that jump, then we suggest you get in touch with a recruiter. They can use thier industry knowledge to help you find a company that is a perfect fit for you. Your future and your career is their business, so take that plunge!

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