It doesn't matter who you are, how old you are, where you are... rejection hurts. It's never a good feeling to ask for something you want and to be denied, especially when that something is as important as your career growth. So, while your first instinct may be to just pack up your desk and quit (Office Space-esque), having a cool, calm, strategic reaction to the rejection will set you up for future success. Here are our top 3 tips after you receive a "no" when asking for a promotion at work:

1. Stay Calm.
Step #1, don't panic. A "no" now does not mean a "no" forever. It's understandable to initially be frustrated and emotional after the rejection, but overreacting or having an office outburst will only hurt you in the long run. Instead, take a brisk walk outside or go grab a treat from Starbucks. Look at a couple adorable puppy accounts on Instagram (just me?). It's important to give yourself some time to cool down from the initial sting of the situation so you don't make any rash decisions in the heat of the moment.

2. Ask for Feedback.
This step is vital. If you failed to ask for an explanation at the time of the decision, you should take the initiative to ask for a discussion with your boss regarding how the decision was made. Were you denied because of lack of experience? Are you missing a mandatory certification? Ask for specifics and suggestions so you know where to improve. Then, you can have benchmarks to reach for,  exceed their expectations, and be considered more favorably for the promotion when round two comes knocking.

3. Create a Plan.
If you are determined to climb the ladder at the company you're currently with, you need a game plan to achieve that coveted promotion. Take some time to set actionable goals and timelines for yourself. Connect with a trusted mentor for career advice on how you can become a higher valued asset in the workplace. Hone your skills and become an irreplaceable team member and an example to your colleagues. Offer to assist on a project outside of your day-to-day duties. These are all ways you can focus your determination and reach your goals faster with a strategic plan in motion. Keep your chin up and eyes on the prize!

For more help relating to career advice, reach out and connect with one of our veteran Xtreme recruiters. Our talent acquisition team has years of staffing industry experience and can offer valuable insight into the current job market, hiring trends and tips for career growth.

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