You’ve found a new opportunity and you’ve decided it’s time to leave your company, so you turn in your letter of resignation without warning.
Whether you feared the consequences of talking before this moment or worried about burning bridges, pause. You could have just burned that bridge you were so worried about. If you have respect for your boss and you are thinking about jumping ship, it’s best to tell your boss that you’re thinking of quitting and here is why:

  1. One-on-One Time

You’ll want to set up some one-on-one time with your boss to talk about your thoughts on the potential change in your career and reasoning for wanting to leave your position. This is important to do, because your boss wants to understand where you are coming from, what bothers you, and what they can do to either make the transition easier for you, or what they can do to keep you happy where you are.

  1.   Recommendations & References

If you hand in your resignation letter without warning, you could have just lost yourself a fabulous recommendation. Keep an open line of communication and speak gracefully when opening up about your thoughts on the company. If a recommendation is important to you, express your concerns without taking the sky down with you.

  1.   Better Job Search

If you can maintain transparency with your boss and you show your respect by filling them in, you’ll be able to freely look for your next opportunity and utilize your network of contacts. Of course, you still need to finish out strong in your current position, so make sure you conduct your job search in your free time. If you have a good mentor/mentee relationship with your boss, you could even ask for their advice. After all, they’ve worked hard to be where they are and they have lots of knowledge in this space or even better – contacts!

  1. Mutually Beneficial

In the end, this will also be beneficial for the company you are resigning from, because they will have ample time to look for a replacement. It’s just one more way you can make the transition easier and show your mutual respect.

Now, if you have an unhealthy relationship with your boss, there’s no way you’ll get a good recommendation, or you know that they will take this news and walk you off – then I wouldn’t suggest speaking with your boss before the two-week notice. However, if you have that mutual respect, you’ve learned from them and you would like to extend that respect – then I would.

If you happen to be leaving your company, get in touch with a recruiter! You won't find anyone better than our recruiters at Xtreme. Helping you grow your career and your future is their business and their passion!

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