When you hear the words, “team” and “building” in the same sentence you may roll your eyes and think, “here goes another cheesy activity that we have to endure for the next hour or so.” Here at Xtreme, we know how to have a good time with each other, so we wanted to share a few of the activities we’ve done in the past! Next time you want to get the office together, skip the egg toss and try some of the ideas below.

1. Pizza & pictionary!

Shoot out an email and invite everyone in the office to join you during lunch for pizza and Pictionary in your conference room. Order pizza from your favorite spot, we chose Pagliacci in our office, but the choice is yours! You can either come up with your own words for the game or you can print off a list of words like the ones here. Split the room into two and define a few rules before you begin playing. We did this in our office a couple weeks ago and it was a blast!

2. Escape rooms.

Trade in a typical afternoon in the office, for an afternoon of riddles at a local Escape Room! We recently went and decided to go to FLEE Escape Room Seattle & Redmond. We especially love this activity because it taps into each team member's problem solving and communication skills. Each task will require each person in the team to listen, effectively provide input, and trust one another on suggestions throughout the activity. At the end you may realize that your team works really well together or that your team needs to take further steps to improve communication. Either way, you’re all going to have a great time!

3. Trivia.

Whether you host trivia at a local restaurant or your conference room - you’re bound to have a good time! Come up with a variety of questions to test your workplace knowledge. You can ask questions like, “How many windows are in the entire office?” “What year was our company founded?” “Who in the office has a bobble-head on their desk?” If you want to stay away from workplace questions, you can always theme your trivia around your office’s favorite NFL team, a specific decade (like the 1990s), or entertainment.

4. Get involved in the community.

This isn’t just great for your team, but it’s also great for the organization you chose to dedicate your time to. Community involvement is a huge part of the fabric that makes up the strong culture at Xtreme. We are full of animal and people lovers, so we love to participate in runs that benefit a local animal shelter or spend a day building homes for local families. If you want to get your office involved, first see what your office is passionate about. If it’s children, look for opportunities to donate school supplies or tutoring services. We recently were apart of Stuff the Bus, which allowed us to buy school supplies for children in the area, who needed it most. If you office loves animals, look for events being held by your local animal shelter. Get a team to join in or get in touch with the shelter and offer to lend a hand for the event. Whatever your office may be passionate about, find it and get involved!

5. Classic evening out.

Whether it’s an evening of cocktails or a night of karaoke - get out of the office and have a classic evening or night out with your colleagues. Sometimes the greatest team building activities are when people aren’t aware that it’s happening. It’s the simplicity of a good setting paired with good drinks and good food that brings people together. Don’t underestimate the power a classic evening or night out!

Whether you’re planning your next activity or trying to build a strong team - the above have been tested and tried by Xtreme and have our stamp of approval! If you’re wanting to find a company with a stronger workplace culture, get connected with a recruiter here at Xtreme! We work with the best companies in the business and with hands on recruiters, we’re bound to find the right fit for you!

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