You applied. You interviewed. Now what? The steps you take to follow-up after an interview can be just as important as the interview itself. So, here's a helpful checklist to keep in mind the next time you wrap up an interview with a potential employer. 

1. Take time to reflect.
The first thing you should do after your interview is jot down notes on what you discussed. Record whom you met with, what their job titles were, what you talked about, and anything else that seemed significant. Ideally, talking points and highlights during the interview that would make you stand out compared to the other applicants. Also, this is a great way to refresh your memory for when you write tailored thank you notes (also part of your post-interview checklist).

2. Send a thoughtful email.
After jotting down your interview recap, send a brief email to the people you spent significant time with during your interview or tour. One email to the whole group is fine. You can do this within a few hours of your meeting, but don't wait longer than 24 hours after your interview. Keep it short and sweet and make sure to thank them for their time.

3. Gauge your enthusiasm.
Take a step back and ask yourself what makes you excited about this job opportunity? Is it because you've always wanted to work for so-and-so company? Is it a chance to make a career change that you've always wanted? Pinpoint that one reason you're excited to continue along the interview process, and make sure to communicate that enthusiasm to the hiring managers.

4. Write and send your thank you notes.
In today's digital world, snail-mail may seem archaic. However, a thank you note it is a very important rule of interview etiquette. And hey, you could always drop off your handwritten thank you card with the office receptionist instead of sending a note in the mail.

5. Follow-up.
The general rule of thumb is if a week has gone by and you have yet to hear back from the employer, you are entitled to reach out and request feedback. Take the initiative to let the hiring manager know that you are still very interested in the position and looking forward to hearing next steps.

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